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Crusade Endeavors

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Crusade Endeavors
Br. Michael Anthony

Perpetual Rosary of Saint Benedict Center     Joined October 26, 2005

     The unique Intentions of the Perpetual Rosary of St. Benedict Center are:

     1. To hasten the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
     2. To honor St. Philomena, the proclaimed Patroness of the Perpetual Rosary.
     3. To beg St. Philomena, Patroness and Protectress of the Children of Mary, to aid and
         protect all those who are involved in the Crusade of St. Benedict Center.
     4. To plead for the success of the Center's Crusade to convert America.

Perpetual Rosary of the Society of Saint Pius X  Joined October 26, 2005

     The unique Intentions of the Perpetual Rosary of the SSPX are:

     1. The reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Triumph of the Sorrowful and Immaculate
         Heart of Mary.
     2. The ministry of the Society of St. Pius X in North America.
     3. The sanctification of the members of the Society and the awakening of many priestly and
         religious vocations in the district.
     4. The sanctification and the salvation of the members of our families.

Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary             Joined October 31, 2005

     The Intentions of the Confraternity is to include all intentions and needs of all of its

World Apostolate of Fatima                          Joined November 08, 2005

      The Intentions of the Apostolate is to convert Russia and bring peace to all mankind.

The Divine Mercy Prayer League                       Joined November 08, 2005

     The Intentions of the League is prayer for the unity of Church leaders with the Holy Father,
     Benedict XVI.

Spiritual Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success Joined November 27, 2005

     The unique Intentions of this Spiritual Apostolate are:

     1. The restoration of the Catholic Church.
     2. An increase in religious vocations.
     3. For all good and faithful religious who are suffering in these perilous times.
     4. For the religious that have fallen away so they may return to the Church.
     5. The intentions of the other members of the Apostolate

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