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for Those Consecrated to the Immaculate Virgin,
by Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe

It is my duty to be a saint and a great saint.

For the glory of God, I must save myself and all souls, present and future, through the Immaculate.

Before anything else flee not only from mortal but also from deliberate venial sin.

Do not permit: a. that evil remain without reparation and destruction; or b. that good be without fruit or increase.

Let your rule be obedience-the will of God through the Immaculate-I am nothing but an instrument.

Think of what you are doing. Do not be concerned about anything else, whether bad or good.

Preserve order, and order will preserve you.

Peaceful and benevolent action.

Preparation - Action - Conclusion.

Remember that you belong exclusively, unconditionally, absolutely, irrevocably to the Immaculate: Whoever you are, whatever you have or can, whatever you do (thoughts, words, action) and endure (pleasant, unpleasant, indifferent things) belong to the Immaculate. Consequently, may she dispose of them according to Her will (and not yours). In the same way it belongs to Her all your intentions; therefore, may she transform them, add others, take them away, as She likes (in fact, She does not offend justice).

You are an instrument in Her hand, therefore do only what She wants; accept everything like a child to his own mother, trust Her in everything.Take an interest about Her, Her veneration, Her things and let Her take care of you and your loved ones. Recognize that everything you have comes from Her and nothing from you. All the fruits of your activities depend on the union with Her, in the same way as She is an instrument of the divine mercy.

O Immaculate, my life (every moment of it), my death (where, when and how) and my eternity belongs totally to you. Of everything You do whatever You like.

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